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Advances in Internet, network infrastructure and technologies in the past decade opens up a new arena in network computing. What used to exist only in global and giant enterprises’ IT environment including distributed computing, network storage and electronic data exchange now become common practice in even smallest enterprises. Business data gradually develop from non-confidential historical data mainly for analysis and archival to real-time operational data and instructions that should be kept secret and once presented, they should never be altered. Computing infrastructure management also switched from in-house professionals to outsourced services which are broadly accepted lack of control and have potential security risks.

These changes introduced computing vulnerabilities in recent years from intrusion by hackers, worms and viruses, to unauthorized data alterations and data thefts, both physical and electronic. Perimeter security control measures including firewall and content filters are created to address intrusions from outsiders, however, statistics have revealed that there is a paradigm shift of attacks from outsiders to insiders. Data encryption and digital signature are the strongest and only weapons to combat attacks and intrusions.

A typical enterprise might have one or more of the following computing systems

  • Enterprise resource and planning (ERP)
  • Finance and account
  • Sales automation and management
  • Customer profile
  • Business intelligence (BI) and Data mining
  • Director servers
  • Keys management systems
  • Messaging servers
  • Source repositories

in which they handle sensitive and confidential enterprise data including

  • Product prices, quotation, invoices and sales document
  • Human resource
  • Customer personal particulars
  • Finance data, asset, cash flow
  • Source code and intelligence property (IP)
  • User credentials

traversed via network amongst business partners and stored into persistence storage.

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