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Bloombase Message - Transparent Email Encryption and Signature

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Business Benefits

Bloombase Message is a high performance and self-contained secured email generator. Corporations requiring higher level of email communication and storage security can make use of Bloombase Message to implement SMIME to corporate users at complete transparency without change of user behavior.

Transparent SMIME Implementation

Bloombase Message can integrate with corporate messaging systems to achieve higher level of email security using SMIME industry standard. Outgoing emails are digitally signed and encrypted protecting email contents during transmission and as persisted in recipient end. As soon as user requests to read an SMIME protected email, Bloombase Message checks for data integrity and readily decrypts data to be viewed by user

Email repository storage protection

Incoming and out-going plain emails are encrypted before reaching corporate groupware. Emails get persisted in storage in their encrypted form

Secure mobile email

Deploy Bloombase Messaging in mobile corporate messaging environment to enjoy true end-to-end secure mobile messaging

Electronic bill encryption

Protect electronic bills in emails by strong encryption for consumers' most private and confidential billing information

E-marketing source authenticity assurance

Add digital signatures to e-marketing messages to assure customers obtaining the most accurate and trustworthy promotion resources

Secured E-marketing Campaign

Phishing and email fraud limits e-marketing campaign. Bloombase Messaging runs as SMTP proxy to generate digital signature on e-marketing materials or statements in form of emails. Customers and recipients are able to verify authenticity of information delivered and have assurance that the contents are not altered

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