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ID Quantique

ID Quantique SA engages in the design and manufacture of hardware products for network security and optical instrumentation markets. It offers true random number generators based on quantum physics, as well as layer 2 encryption products with quantum key distribution. These products are used by customers in the financial, industrial and government sector all over the world. It also commercializes ultra sensitive light sensors used in medical/environmental instrumentation, quantum optics, aerospace, and defense applications.

Bloombase Cryptographic Module has been tested and proven interoperable with ID Quantique Quantis true random number generator.

Quantis is a physical random number generator exploiting an elementary quantum optics process. Photons - light particles - are sent one by one onto a semi-transparent mirror and detected. The exclusive events (reflection - transmission) are associated to "0" - "1" bit values. The operation of Quantis is continuously monitored to ensure immediate detection of a failure and disabling of the random bit stream.

Bloombase OS bundles ID Quantique Quantis driver software out-of-the-box. Customers who require quantum-based random number generation on Bloombase line of security solutions can simply drop-in ID Quantique Quantis modules onto their existing Bloombase systems.

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