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Taking giant leaps forward, Bloombase is developing secure, fast and transparent information security technologies to help create the next revolutionary step in datacenter, desktop, and mobile secure computing - as well as technologies that power and accelerate electronic commerce and digital communications.

Uniquely Powered by Bloombase OS

All Bloombase security appliances are powered by Bloombase's proprietary operating system - Bloombase OS. Bloombase OS has a unique highly threading model that allows each appliance to support more than 100,000 simultaneous cryptographic processes.

Disaster Recovery Ready

Learn about Bloombase's advanced disaster recovery for Bloombase family of security servers to prepare for worst case scenario and maintain high data availability.

True Segregation of Security Roles

Discover how Bloombase Security Platform is advancing the pace of secure datacenter management by true segregation of data owner, administrator and operator.


Secure Your Data Now

Protect your data with Bloombase transparent encryption.

Bloombase Demonstrations

See how Bloombase protects your digital assets.

Bloombase SupPortal

Get technical support from Bloombase Supportal and Knowledgebase.