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Bloombase Technologies is committed to providing our customers with excellent technical support services. Our goal is to provide prompt, accurate, and quality service to resolve your technical issues.

Bloombase SupPortal

Bloombase SupPortal is our offering in customer service.

Through Bloombase SupPortal, users are able to

  • obtain latest product information
  • download products, add-ons and patches
  • access to our rich library of knowledge base of our solutions where user manuals, tutorials, and best practices can be downloaded
  • interact in user community and obtain immediate online help



A searchable library of troubleshooting advice and current information updated by Bloombase support technicians.

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Charged Services

Our customer support service is divided into several service options

of service levels

  • 5-day x 10-hour
  • 7-day x 24-hour

and service commitments

  • 4-hour response
  • same-day response
  • next-business-day response